3D Areola tattooing


The final touch...

The finishing touch for post breast reconstruction is having your nipple areola tattooed. 

The customized micropigmentation service includes 2D areola, which will give the illusion of a nipple if there was no nipple reconstruction. The colour, size and shape is completely customized for you and you are always a part of the process. 

For many, it can be a difficult decision and it is important to choose a technician who is trained and experienced in this procedure. Most times this procedure will require more than 1 visit and at your initial appointment, Stephanie will take the time to discuss the procedure with you and any concerns you may have. 

* Please wait 6 months post treatment and a letter from your Doctor is preferred. 


Does it Hurt?

The scar tissue or transplanted tissue may not have any sensation and therefor you will not feel any pain. However, sometimes sensation may be felt and in this case, an anaesthetic is used before and during the procedure to ensure you are comfortable. 

How long will my  tattoo take to heal?

Your tattoo will appear healed in 7-10 days but the skin tissue underneath the surface will not be fully healed for about 6 weeks and sometimes even longer in compromised skin. This is why we do not do a follow up procedure before 6 weeks, to allow the skin to completely heal. 

How long will it last?

This will depend on the individual skin, the technique and colour used and want other factors . As the colour will fade over time, in most cases you may need a "touch up"  every 3-5 years. 

Is there anyone who can not have this procedure? 

    Yes, if you are: 

     * pregnant or breastfeeding.

     * are currently or in the previous 6 months undergone chemotherapy or radiation treatment. 

     * have had a breast reconstruction within the previous 6 months. ( we need to allow time for the implants to settle).  

* If you have recently completed treatment, we require a note from your Doctor confirming that you are able to go ahead with this procedure. 

2 options

By donation......


One day per month, Stephanie opens up her schedule to offer her 3D areola service by donation. All she asks is an anonymous donation placed in the box on the day of the procedure. This ensures that this valuable services is made affordable to anyone who needs it and supplies are replenished for the next special lady requiring the service. 

Please email us your contact details and we will be in touch with available appointment times. 

* This options books up quickly and you may be placed on a waiting list. 

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Full-Paying customer....


With the full paying option, you are able to choose an appointment at a convenient time for you. Appointments can be made online and anytime during normal business hours, subject to availability.

Results are usually achieved within 2 sessions and all sessions are included in the initial price. 

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