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Discover What Happens During an Eyebrow Appointment

August 01, 20234 min read

If you're curious about what goes on during an eyebrow appointment, you're not alone. This blog post will provide you with answers to your questions.

Once you book your appointment it will prompt a confirmation email & links to complete intake forms.


You should receive a booking confirmation email that will contain links to access our general intake and consent forms. It is recommended that you complete these documents prior to your appointment. However, if you are unable to do so, you may complete them during your consultation.

Both forms help us get a better understanding of your health and ensure your consent prior to going ahead with the procedure. If you have any questions whilst completing the forms you can always reach out to us via email.


Every eyebrow appointment we offer commences with a thorough consultation.

During your initial eyebrow consultation, we will take the time to discuss your desired eyebrow shape, colour, and thickness. This is a great opportunity to have any questions or concerns addressed and to make sure we are on the same page before beginning the actual procedure.

Some additional things to keep in mind to during your initial eyebrow consultation include:

  • We suggest wearing your everyday brow makeup so that Stephanie can get a good sense of your typical appearance. Don't worry about making it perfect since it will be removed anyway in preparation for the procedure.

  • We will clean and prep the eyebrow area before beginning the pre-draw & shaping process.

  • We will discuss and offer advice on all the techniques available and which one will best suit your skin and your desired outcome.


We will take before and after photos to add to your client file. In your consent form, you will have the opportunity to permit or deny the use of these photos for advertising purposes.


We will start the process by measuring your brows and outlining the area that we will be working within. Our goal is to ensure that the pigment is accurately placed in the correct area and you will have an opportunity to confirm this with Stephanie before she proceeds.


We will apply Canadian approved topical anaesthetics to the area to ensure you are numb prior to beginning the procedure.


We use disposable supplies & needles that are intended for one-time use and ensure that all other equipment is properly sterilized in accordance with the required standards. During the time your eyebrows are numbing, we will set up the area ready to proceed.


Depending on the technique we do, the procedure may take between 40-90 minutes to complete. During this time you will be laying in a flat position and should feel very comfortable throughout the whole procedure.

The procedure involves implanting pigment into the skin either with a hand tool (microblading) or a specialized machine (powder shade) and sometimes a combination of both. A secondary anaesthetic is applied during the procedure to ensure you are completely pain-free. Pigment will appear darker and the eyebrow a little more defined immediately following the procedure and it will take about 1 week for the initial healing to complete.


After finishing the procedure, we will take an "after" photo and apply aftercare balm. Stephanie will discuss your aftercare routine with you and make sure that you have all the necessary information and aftercare balm required for the healing process. Aftercare information is also posted on our website for your reference.

All eyebrow techniques require 2 sessions for optimal results. We take advantage of this opportunity to begin cautiously, ensuring that the colour, technique, and result are satisfactory after the healing before making any adjustments or modifications at your follow up. The cost for follow up is included in your initial payment and you do have the option to pay over 2 sessions. *See booking for payment details. Your follow up session can be booked no earlier than six weeks and no later than twelve weeks after your initial appointment. This allows time for the skin to completely heal before assessing the colour and finalizing the look.

Overall, our goal is to provide you with beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows that enhance your features and give you confidence.

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Stephanie Wilson

Certified Trainer and PMU Artist with 20+ years in the PMU Industry. Designated Trainer Member with Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP).

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