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Eyeliner & Lashline Enhancement

Permanent Makeup for Eyeliner & Lashline Enhancement

Lashline & Eyeliner Services

Lashline Enhancements, Bold Eyeliner with wing or Shadow Liner

All our appointments include a full consultation to ensure you get the right technique for your skin & desired results.

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Lashline Enhancement

Our most popular service!!

A lashline enhancement is when pigment is implanted between the lashes exclusively to create the appearance of fuller and darker lashes. This technique does not include any additional wing or shaping, as you would see in an eyeliner procedure.

Eyeliner (Bold or Wing)

For a more defined eyeliner look, bold eyeliner is a great option. This can even feature a winged effect or just a thicker line above the lashes.

Shadow Liner

Shadow liner is a technique that involves adding a darker, defined lashline with the addition of pixels to create a smudged, blended effect above the eyes for a softer eyeliner look.

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FAQ's for Lashline & Eyeliner Procedures

Please reach us at [email protected]. if you cannot find an answer to your question.

What is the difference between a lashline enhancement and eyeliner?

A lashline enhancement procedure will only apply pigment between the lashes to define the lashline. Whereas an eyeliner procedure includes a thicker, shaped liner and sometimes a wing to create a similar look to makeup. 

How do I know which procedure to book?

When it comes to choosing the right procedure, it can be overwhelming. Some factors to consider when making a decision include your skin type, age, eye shape & personal preference.  We would encourage you to book for the procedure you think you might want, and at the beginning of the appointment we will do a full consultation to guide you in choosing the right procedure for your needs and preferences. There are no penalties for change of procedure type. 

Can you draw a lashline enhancement first so I can see what it will look like? ?

It is difficult to achieve the same look with makeup as a you will in a lashline enhancement as the pigment sits perfectly between the lashes. The best example of what it will look like is if you have ever had a lash tint, you would have noticed how amazing it looks in the first few days. This is because the tint initially stains the skin between the lashes giving a bolder defined lashline. A lashline enhancement will give you this look permanently! 

Is it painful?

The anaesthetics we use and the techniques we offer will ensure you are comfortable throughout the whole procedure. However with any of the eye procedures your comfort will vary depending on how your body reacts to me working on the area.

Do you offer consultations?

Although we do offer consultations it is not required since it is already integrated with your initial appointment. If you have any inquiries or concerns please feel free to bring them up during your appointment. It's common for customers that book a consultation to request the service immediately, only to find that we haven't allotted enough time. For this reason, we suggest to book the full service appointment to ensure enough time is allocated and should you choose not to go ahead with the service after the initial consultation, there is no extra fee. 

I had my eyeliner done many years ago and now it looks blue. Can you fix it?

It is possible to correct the colour and return it to a black or brown. However, colour correction will be applied to the existing eyeliner exactly how it appears and any shaping changes will require another session. 

How long does an eyeliner or lashline enhancement last?

This will differ greatly for everyone as it is affected by age, skin type, procedure type and also environmental factors. However, a typical lashline enhancement or eyeliner will require a refresh appointment every 1 to 2 years to keep the colour looking great. 


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